Why Wordy Works

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Wordy toys aren't just cute. There is

real science behind why they work.

Environmental Print

The same way a child knows a red octagon says "stop" before they can read, Wordy toys help create a visual link between letters and words. This is symbol recognition and is the first step towards literacy. 


Wordy toys are not only great language tools they also

  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Build problem solving 

  • Encourage imaginative play

Bilingual is Better

Being bilingual is great for little brains! Studies show that bilingual kids outperform monolingual kids in:

  • Multitasking

  • Holding focus longer

  • Thinking outside the box

  • Generally scoring higher on 
          college entrance exams

All lowercase

You may have noticed all the words on our toys are printed in lowercase.


Many classrooms now practice teaching children lowercase letters first as 95% of written text is lowercase. These are the letters as they will see them most regularly.