Who We Are

Founder Axel Avin Jr. 
& daughter Anayah

Wordy’s mission is to create a “World of Words” where children learn to love words, languages and cultures through engaging toys that fill their environment. 


Started in Brooklyn by a parent for parents, Wordy was born out of the need to create a high quality non-tech solution for early childhood bilingual education. After labeling his daughter’s toys around the house with tape and marker, founder Axel Avin, Jr. ran into a problem… she would peel them off! After searching and finding no toys made with the name of the object printed on them, he decided to make it himself.


All Wordy toys function on multiple levels to deliver a highly engaging toy that builds fine motor skills, develops problem solving techniques, strengthens social emotional development all while building a visual association with the printed word.


At Wordy, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just want to write “wheel” on the wheel. 

Our Story